Stevie Crooks' fourth album, FIORAVANTI, moves him closer to realizing the potential and promise he demonstrated on his debut album, Born On Olympus. Known in rap circles for agile flow, witty wordplay, golden age style, and modern delivery—he now adds production to his growing list of accolades. 

FIORAVANTI—a title inspired by the legendary car designer Leonardo Fioravanti—is written, produced, and arranged entirely by Stevie Crooks. It gives more dimension to the themes of street espionage, luxury, and flyness explored in his Street Elegance project. Fueled by gritty, dark soundscapes and pistols under palm trees, Fiorvanti expands the "The Professional" universe by following the story of a Black hitman making a living by killing in Miami, Florida. It effortlessly weaves golden age Hip Hop, 80s aesthetics, Scarface , and design principles to create a provocative narrative tapestry